Winchester 97 with Larry Crow -
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Complete Winchester 97 Dissassembly/Reassembly
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This may be the All-Time Classic Repeating Shotgun. Winchester introduced the 1893 Pump Action Shotgun in 1893. In the following years, their engineers made some revisions on the locking system, and introduced the improved gun in 1897... Calling it the Winchester 97. This shotgun was in production until 1957. 60 Years in all. Just short of 1 Million of these relaible and fast shooting shotguns were produced.

In this program, Master Gunsmith Larry Crow shows you complete disassembly and reassembly of the Winchester model 97 shotgun. Larry details each part and shows you how it works, what it does, and shares valuable tips and techniques he has learned over the past 20 Years, that will help you keep your 97 running strong and smooth.
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