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Gunshot Wound - First Aid
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Excellent, Clear, Simple
Chip H - Round Hill, Virginia (my profile)
I've purchased all of John Klatt's videos for our Church's Emergency Response Team. It is a sad fact of modern life that you can't assume safety even in Church any more (as we've recently been reminded by the news media). I have been through numerous first aid course, and am certified in first aid. Most of those programs are unnecessarily cumbersome, technical, and difficult. Klatt's been there, and he enables the serious viewer to be able to respond decisively without a lot technicalia, or cumbersome and extraneous information. If you think you may ever need to treat a gunshot wound, GET THIS DVD.
Approved DVD
Anthony - Houston, Texas (my profile)
This DVD has been approved by the TX DPS for use in any Texas CHL Certification class; their letter is on file with South Texas CHL Supply. There is much information crucial to saving the life of a gunshot victim. View this DVD at least twice, more if you know nothing about the subject, select the basics out of each scenario and be better prepared than the average bear to save someone's life!
Good, But Too Much For The Lay Viewer
Lil' C - Port Orchard, Washington (my profile)
This video program is full of lots of useful technical information on the tactical medical assessment and treatment of gunshot wounds in the field. Host John Klatt provides informative commentary as he triages and treats a series of victims with convincingly simulated GSWs, but overall the material may be presented at too sophisticated a level and with too much jargon for those without much prior anatomical/physiological knowledge or clinical training -- certainly too much for the lay viewer who has never had an introduction to GSWs. This video is an excellent primer for medical, LE, and military professionals already oriented to some of the key concepts specific to handling GSWs in the field, but it doesn't approach the material in a "brass tacks" fashion that breaks things down sufficiently for an otherwise untrained viewer to treat such injuries adequately and confidently without additional supplemental training from other sources.
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