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Basic Self-Defense Series
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Hackathorn, Wilson and Magill cover the basics: grip, stance, sight picture/sight alignment and trigger pull. You'll learn both the classic Weaver stance and the Isosceles stance along with variations that will enable you to shoot fast and accurately. Plus, complete information on self- defense, the importance of dry fire practice, and how to be prepared for real life situations!

Hackathorn and Wilson discuss modern firearms and ammunition including the 1911 style pistols, Sig 226, Glock, Beretta, Browning Hi-Power, Smith & Wesson Airweight, and the N. American Arms Mini .22 revolver. You'll learn the pros and cons of each handgun and how they apply to everyday self-defense. Plus, an in-depth look at a self-defense ammunition...what work best and why! Finally, human vital zones and the importance of precision shooting in self-defense shooting situations.

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