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Complete KAHR Disassembly/Reassembly
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In 1995, Kahr Arms introduced the K9, 9mm auto pistol. It was the first, small, thin and light gun that shot the 9mm round. This gun quickly became popular with self-defense and concealed carry enthusiasts, as it was easy to conceal and small enough to fit in a pocket yet shot the 9mm round. Six years later, Kahr introduced the PM9, an even smaller and lighter version of the original Kahr that featured a polymer frame. This frame was so thin and light that Kahr built a marketing campaign around it; Thin is Sexy.

And this new polymer frame Kahr is sexy...
it's now available in several different configurations and in 9mm, 40 cal or even .45 caliber.

This program shows the complete disassembly and reassembly of the Kahr CW9, and the information you're about to see will apply directly to the Kahr TP, P, CW and PM series of handguns. Keep in mind, this is complete disassembly, not just field stripping,
but all the way down to the very last part.

All of the Kahr pistols share common features and because of that, this information will also be of value to owners of Kahr K and T series pistols as well as Kahr PM 380 and MK series handguns.

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