Lasers for Defensive Handguns -
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Lasers for Defensive Handguns
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Lasers for Defensive Handguns shatters the myths surrounding lasers and demonstrates how to get the most from your laser-equipped handgun! This thorough compilation covers the different types, advantages, pitfalls and proper use of one of the best defensive shooting accessories available.

In this DVD you will...

- Uncover the target focus advantage of using lasers
- Discover the best methods for using lasers around cover
- Understand the advanages of lasers when shooting from the retention position
- Increase your shooting skills on moving targets
- Learn different zeroing options and which may be best for you
- Discover methods to shoot better while moving
- Learn how to intergrate a laser with a flashlight
- Get the real scoop on the laser's deterrent effect
- See the laser's benefit in close quarters shooting
- Improve your practice with laser-specfic range drills
- Much, Much More!

1hr 5min hours of detailed training!
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