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Welcome to the world's largest selection of Gun and Firearm DVD's and videos.
We provide world class training with firearms for law enforcement, military, competition shooters, self-defense enthusiasts,
hunters, collectors, and all those who wish to have more skill with handguns, rifles, shotguns and edged weapons.

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Building Your AR-15 from Scratch
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Complete Glock - Dissassembly/Reassembly
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Gunshot Wound - First Aid
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Trigger Job by Jerry Miculek
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Mastering the Combat Shotgun
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Building the Ultimate Glock
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Dynamic Tactical Training w/Airsoft DVD
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How To Shoot Fast And Accurately
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Mastering The Mini-Glock
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Concealed Carry
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High Speed Handguns - Bullets in Flight
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Mastering the AR-15 with Lenny Magill
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UnderTech Undercover Concealment Tank Top
Tank Top Style - Made in USA
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UnderTech Undercover Concealment Shirt
Crew Neck Style
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UnderTech Undercover Women's Compression Concealment Shirt
Styled for women for fit and comfort.
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UnderTech Undercover Concealment Shirt
Deep Concealment V-Neck Style
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The Perfect In-Car / Hotel Room Gun/Valuable Safe
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BATF Federal and State Gun Laws
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Mastering the Defensive Taser
Quailfies for the 5 for $79 Special!
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The Original Belly Band
You can wear it in almost every situation!
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