Lenny Magill

Lenny Magill is a world-recognized authority on firearms, holsters, and self-defense. 

He has produced over 300 instructional and entertainment videos that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies through many distribution channels and via independent distributors worldwide. He also regularly produces instructional videos for the GlockStore Youtube Channel… currently enjoying over 150,000 subscribers and 27 million views to date.

For 30 years, Lenny Magill produced the GunVideo series of instructional firearms and self-defense weapons. 
Many of these videos were previously unavailable digitally, until now. That is why Lenny Magill has introduced GunVideo! You can now watch all 35 years of firearm digital content from the convenience of your computer, laptop, or mobile device!

The GunVideo Collection. Nearly 250 videos featuring international bestselling titles like "How to Shoot Fast and Accurately," "Move, Shoot, Live!" as well as cult-classics like "Rock-N-Roll #3 Sexy Girls, Sexy Guns." 

Gain access today to 35 years of firearms-related today: Enter GunVideo!